The Effects Of Fear On The Body

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The mind is complex and hard to understand. One minute you think you see something across the room then the next it 's gone. Did you see something? It 's a possibility. Did it creep you out a bit? Your mind can play tricks on you into thinking that something might 've been across the hall, across the room, was there a sound you just heard? It might 've been the house or it could 've been something else. When a person hear 's noises they don 't understand it brings up anxiety and with anxiety there is also some fear. Fear isn 't an emotion, it 's like an internal survival kit, it helps by keeping you alive depending on the situation to some extent. When people think of the effects fear have on the human body they think of it in a negative aspect which in part is true, however do they really know the full effects? How does anxiety and fear affect the body? To reiterate: Fear is not an emotion, it 's more of a side effect to anxiety with the exception of the fact that fear brings up safety and survival instincts. Fear on the body is a common feeling mainly because it pairs along with anxiety. For example, when students have terrible grades they worry about what their parents will tell them. If someone were to ask a student with terrible grades how they think their parents will react to their poor grades, chances are they will be nervous or anxious to even give an answer because they know it will not be a good scene to be apart of. Some students become outright terrified to…
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