The Effects Of Fear On Your Life

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If you were asked to name the number one motivating factor for all human behaviour, what would you choose? If you answered success, money, power, or sex, then you need to look a bit deeper. If you chose survival, love, food, or pain, then you are close, but the answer lies deeper still.

The root cause of all human behaviour is fear. Fear of losing, fear of being a failure, fear of being yelled at, fear of pain, injury, dying, being looked down on, missing out.... The list of fears is endless!

But if you can recognise and understand the effect that fear has on your life, and on the lives of those around you, then you will realise that fear is mankind’s number one motivation. And most importantly, it is the base motivation for every action that you take.

Fear plays such an important role in your life that observing its effects will be crucial in helping you to understand and dismantle your false layers and beliefs. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at how human behaviour is influenced by fear, and examine some of the behaviours that humans have developed to deal with that fear.

As I’ve said throughout this book, the situation that human’s find themselves in is ridiculous to the point of being comical. But because we are taught to hang onto life with such grim determination, our otherwise comical situation quickly transforms into one of terror.

One of the ways that people have found to fight this fear is to consciously, or unconsciously, look for…
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