The Effects Of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Students

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their turn, playing with others and so for the, which can create a distance between them and their peers,” says Catterick (p. 114). By teaching students social cues in the classroom, you are better equipping them to make friends and not be isolated from their classmates because they are different or don’t fit in.
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome students struggle with their memory and struggle to remember the things they are being taught. Teachers should implement a daily planner for the students in order to help them keep up with their assignments and help them remember what they are to do each day and night for school. According to Catterick, teachers should “ensure that learning is multisensory where possible to give the child the best chance of taking in the information” (p. 113) Fetal Alcohol Syndrome students are also more likely to be kinesthetic learners. Therefore, teachers should try and relay the needed information in more ways than just having the student take notes, or watch a video.
Family Support Helping families in these situations are vital to helping their child succeed in life. Giving families resources can be the difference between doing nothing and early intervention. If a family suspects FAS in their child before the age of three, they are able to request an evaluation team to look into their situation. In order to do this, you can direct families to www.nofasorg and have them click on the resources table. This will lead them to the place where they can…
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