The Effects Of Food Safety On The Food Industry

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Researching Business RESEARCH DISCUSSION PAPER INTRODUCTION As Jamaica’s food supply becomes more dynamic and diverse, government policies aimed at preventing contamination and illness have become more important to consumers. Compliance with food safety regulations are becoming very important as consumers become more aware of the dangers associated with consuming contaminated food. Improperly trained employees, substandard products, or poor service as well as non-compliance to food safety laws and regulations can cost companies millions of dollars and damages to their reputations. While the food operator must focus on customer safety, concern must also be directed toward the avoidance of non-compliance towards regulatory standards; as such negative outcomes can be very costly and may also result in sickness or lost of lives. The board topic of this research is risk management in the food industry. The aim is to investigate regulatory compliance by focusing on the management of risk in the fast food business in Kingston, Jamaica. The methodology to be undertaken is a combination of predominantly qualitative with a mix of descriptive statistics. The data will be collected by using questionnaires and interviews with government regulatory agencies, fast food outlets and other stakeholders. The primary outcome of the study is to highlight the actions necessary to provide the public with safe food through compliance with government regulations by the management of

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