The Effects Of Fracking On Middle East And Other Countries For Oil And Gas

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In the world today one of the fundamental services that are required for daily living is energy. It therefore goes without saying that human beings have to engage themselves in whichever means possible to ensure that there is a sufficient and affordable energy necessary for supporting life most especially on the side of economic growth and development. Fossils forms a major source of energy, most especially oil, and this has been literally referred to as the motor of the world. In an effort to reduce dependence on Middle East and other countries for oil and gas, U.S has heavily invested in other forms of energy extraction from the core of the earth through a process that has come to be referred as fracking. Fracking is a short term that is used to refer to hydraulic fracturing. Hydraulic fracturing is a form of technology that is being used to unlock vast quantities of natural gas from shale beds. In America, shale gas covers a quarter of all gas production and it is projected that in coming decades, shale gas is most likely to have a market share of more than a half. The major advantage of fracking is that it is a cheaper way of mining natural gas and this therefore means a relatively cheap retail price (In Hester & In Harrison, 2015). Cheap energy has in turn boosted America’s petrochemical industry, provided job opportunities, created other energy intensive businesses, lowered electricity bills, and has significantly reduced the amount of carbon emission released to the
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