The Effects Of Fracking On The And Gas Industry

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The Ethicacy of Fracking Changes with the process of fracking often called slick water high pressure horizontal drilling have become common in recent years are having devastating effects on people, their livestock as well as on communities as a whole. The toxic and often carcinogenic chemicals used in the process and as a result of the methods used are often contaminating water supplies. Air quality is also being greatly affected due to side effects from this method of resource extraction and greenhouse gas emissions both created by technology and equipment fails. Several social conflicts and issues arise around this practice too. This video considered these problems as well as the ethicacy of policies, industry practices, and behavior surrounds fracking operations. We will be looking at the ethical evaluation of this practice by Rabbi Mordechai Liebling from Reconstructionist Rabbinical College and support for his perspective of the ethical practices by other participants in this documentary. Rabbi Liebling approaches the issue of the practice of fracking by the oil and gas industry from a land ethic point of view. Land ethics is understood to be an ethical concept that includes man, his society, and (soil, water, plants, and animals collectively making up) the land. This philosophical approach focusses on cooperation and interdependency. (Leopold) The first two elements of interpersonal relations and the individual’s relation to society are governed by the golden
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