The Effects Of Fracking On The Environment

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Around our country there has been a big debate going on about a certain process used to help harvest natural gas. This process has brought about many view points and people arguing for the good and bad of it. This paper will examine views from both sides, its effects on the environment, review journal entries, and then show the conclusion reached about this process. The process you might have guessed that I am referring to is that of hydraulic fracturing or otherwise known as fracking by most people.
First let me explain what this process involves and how it works. Fracking involves using a 99.5% sand, water, and special chemical additive to help bore through rock to release the natural gas so it can be harvested (Loki (2015)). It is this
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It is believed this is leading to water price increases as well (Loki (2015)). Air pollution is also occurring in several communities near where fracking is going on (Loki (2015)). They are experiencing 39% increase in radon concentration (Loki (2015)). This also causes a concern for babies because they are susceptible to what they breath in from the surrounding air (Loki (2015)). Many scientists believe that the fracking process also can be linked to earthquakes due to the loosening of the soil and the injection of the wastewater into the soil (Loki (2015)). The release of the methane also causes a heat increase because of the additional greenhouse gases (Loki (2015)). These are just a few of the main concerns with fracking and how it affects the environment.
Let’s go a bit more in depth with some of the cons to fracking. Groundwater contamination comes about because during the fracking process methane gas and the toxic chemicals used for the process are leached out into the groundwater (Loki (2015)). One well can produce millions of gallons of waste water (Loki (2015)). Out of this waste water only 30-50% is recovered and the rest stays in the ground and is also not biodegradable (Loki (2015)). Air pollution from fracking occurs from a naturally occurring radioactive gas known as radon (Loki (2015)). Radon comes from the decay of uranium in rock, soil, and water (Loki (2015)). During the fracking process it is released into the air through the well
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