The Effects Of Fracking On The United States And Its Impact On Society

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Introduction With the proliferation of fracking in the United States and its impact on so many different aspects of society from environmental to health and economic impact, it is an important topic that demands more research and along with more community awareness. Another aspect of fracking that is discussed much less than the environmental and public health aspects is that the people that benefit most from the fracking industry usually white affluent individuals do not live in the area that drilling process or waste disposal process happens (Johnston, J. j., Werder, E., & Sebastian, D. (2016). It is also important to keep in mind how the elites of society are able to mold and manipulate public opinion to suit their needs (Davis, C., & Fisk, J. M. (2014). It has been shown how persistent opinions from elites and media messages can sway public opinion in whichever direction they choose (Davis, C., & Fisk, J. M. (2014). This paper demonstrates how the fracking industry not only poisons the environment it poisons communities through creating conflict and negative public health issues.

Methods In their research review Charles Davis and Jonathan Fisk (2014) set out to examine public attitudes about the fracking industry, they based their findings on analysis of survey data of 2400 American adults. In their paper Shale Gas Wastewater Management Under Uncertainty Xiaodong Zhang , Alexander Sun
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