The Effects Of Fracking On The United States

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Life: Twenty Years Later In 2026, life in Dimock, Pennsylvania was a lot different than how it was twenty years ago. This is evident by all the new advances in technology within the two decades. However, what changed the town the most was the hydraulic fracturing boom back in the mid-2000s. The town has experienced many ups and downs because of all the gas companies coming in to extract the natural gas from the Marcellus Shale, that lies underneath the land. Dimock had received a lot of attention from the media due to the side-effects of fracking, some families also engaged in long lawsuits against the companies because of these harmful side-effects of fracking. The government finally stepped in and demanded the gas companies to pay for …show more content…
Molly became a clerk at the local general store, while it does not pay well enough for her to live in luxury, it was enough to get by with paying all the bills. With the money that she earned from signing the lease, Molly and William managed to gather up enough funds to throw a wedding and go on a honeymoon. The wedding was nothing big, it was relatively small with close friends and family attending. They ended up going on a honeymoon to Florida because they managed to find low priced tickets for Miami.
The water that was coming out of their facet tasted weird, which they later found out that it was due to the methane and other chemicals that were leaking from fracking. People in the town became ill after drinking the water, so Molly and William thought that if they themselves are scared to drink the water, then they should definitely not allow their kids to drink it. After the incident, where the well in Norma Fiorentino’s home exploded, Molly and William just decided that it is not the right time to bring a child into their world. They have discussed moving somewhere else, but immediately crossed that out because of their families, their attachment to the town and how it would cost a lot of money. After explaining to their families about their worries, their parents agreed that it was not a good time to raise a kid.
After hearing about what happened to Norma’s well, Molly’s brother started doing some research of his own. The more research he
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