The Effects Of Fracking On The United States

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Life: Twenty Years Later In 2026, life in Dimock, Pennsylvania was a lot different than how it was twenty years ago. This is evident by all the new advances in technology within the two decades. However, what changed the town the most was the hydraulic fracturing boom back in the mid-2000s. The town has experienced many ups and downs because of all the gas companies coming in to extract the natural gas from the Marcellus Shale, that lies underneath the land. Dimock had received a lot of attention from the media due to the side-effects of fracking, some families also engaged in long lawsuits against the companies because of these harmful side-effects of fracking. The government finally stepped in and demanded the gas companies to pay for the repercussions and imposed stricter regulations on the process and how to handle the after effects of it. In the end, that helped the town and its people. There’s still some struggle with living in Dimock, but for the most part it was bearable. Fracking was still something that is done often, with the need for renewable energy increasing day by day. Fracking was different than what it was back in 2006, with new technology and the government regulating it more closely, it became a safer procedure that does not harm the environment and its people as much as it did. For Dimock, the damage was already done to their land and it was difficult for them to continue the agricultural lifestyle that most of them had back then. The land that…
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