The Effects Of Gas Fueled Cars On The Environment

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For many years, the only way to fuel a car has been through gasoline. Many people believe that it the best form of operation, but recently alternatives to gas have surfaced. Today we opt to purchase hybrid, solar, and electric cars instead of gas fueled. The problem lies in the difference of efficiency of gas fueled cars versus alternative fuel options. Do we need gas fueled cars? Is it worth the extra money for an electric or hybrid car? Do gas fueled cars really affect the environment? Will getting rid of gas fueled cars cause a loss of jobs ? People need to understand that the continuation of gas fueled cars are detrimental to the environment. The replacement of gas fueled vehicles is best for the natural world. The Gasoline used to fuel cars is made from fossil fuels that pollute the air and the dangers of obtaining the oil. In Michael Horn’s article enforces the idea by stating, “Obtaining the gasoline is fraught with serious environmental and political perils. We are facing many questions concerning global warming, not the least of which is how much automobile exhaust contributes” ("Roadmap To The Electric Car Economy."). The idea of global warming stems from the depletion of the ozone layer that has been affected by the pollution of our air. The disappearing of the ozone layer and increase of global warming offsets the balance of the natural world and can lead to the end of planet earth according to many scientists. By getting rid of gas powered cars will help to

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