The Effects Of Genetic Modification On The Environment And The Human Race

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Although many oppose the genetic modification of crops, genetic modification also poses an opportunity to lower the price of crops and increase production, which could help solve world hunger. While it may seem like negative effects would be outweighed by the possibility of solving world hunger, an important issue, the conceivably detrimental effects on the health of the environment and the human race would outweigh the humanitarian goal of stopping world hunger. Genetic modification of crops is not the only possible solution to world hunger. There are other solutions that would not negatively harm the environment. The effects of genetic modification, good or bad, would affect everyone as this process is already wide spread. Although everyone has different opinions about the genetic modification of crops, it really comes down to whether solving world hunger is worth hurting the earth. Although the one possible way of addressing world hunger is the genetic modification of crops, there are other methods and negative side effects such as the increase in allergies and the negative impacts on the environment. While the solution of world hunger that could possibly come from GMOs could change the world forever, the effects on the environment and the health of the human race could negatively affect the world, outweighing the solution to world hunger. As the genetic modification of crops is a controversial issue, there are many different opinions. Kathlyn Gay, in the book
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