The Effects Of Genetic Traits And Society Impact On Child Development

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“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.” ( Mandela . N , 1995). There are many factors affecting child development, and currently there is an ongoing debate comparing the effect of genetic traits and societies impact . Even though hereditary traits affect development, society has a greater effect on child development. This is because learning environment, socialization, and interaction with family and friends can impact a child in a number of ways that affect how they develop.Children 's medical services describes child development as :
Child development is typically defined as a normal progression by which children change as they grow older by acquiring and refining
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Children pick up on small actions throughout their childhood, they gain basic knowledge through observation; trial and error, and from their environment.( Brown. C, 2013). This is why if a child is isolated from normal life, their development will be affected, because they will have nothing to learn from, so they will miss critical stages of social development. On the other hand, a positive learning environment is optimal for child development. A positive learning environment can allow for a child to fully reach his or her potential when it comes to learning. Also a positive environment is a good influence for good behavioural development of children. Hereditary traits also affect behaviour but overall learning environment has a huge impact on behaviour and cognitive development. Overall, the learning environment of a child has a substantial effect on childhood development .
Secondly, socialization is a key factor in society’s effect on child development.Through proper socialization of children, important and valuable skills are acquired. For example, respect, empathy, communication skills, are
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