The Effects Of Global Finance Crisis On Brazil's Economy

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The Effects of Global Finance Crisis 2008-2009 on Brazil’s Economy
While researching written articles about the effects of global finance crisis 2008-2009 on Brazil’s economy, I found numerous financial researchers that had published documentations in reference to the impact on the Brazil economy. In addition, the banks and government interactions to the global finance crisis 2008-2009, particularly research papers, financial journals, newspapers, pamphlets, and brochures. The Brazil government policies deal with a less openness, and its emerging economy enabled the country finance regulators the ability to initiate moderate banking countering measures to the crisis. These actions taken by the Brazilian government minimized the long term impacts of the global finance crisis 2008-2009 compared to more developed nations. My goals in this paper, is to explore the Brazil banking finance reactions, and government regulation policies that led to mitigating the impact of the global financial crisis of 2008-2009.
To achieve this goal, I analyzed the Brazil banking sector response to the global financial crisis effect due to the tightening of credit and higher exchange rate. Next, I researched the impacts on the Brazilian economy affecting its imports and exports. Thirdly, impacts on the Brazil’s currency, and lastly a conclusion on the actions and impacts of the Brazil response to the financial crisis. I also include an appendix after the Works Cited that contains images of the

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