The Effects Of Global Warming On Earth

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To sustain life on earth, the earth temperature must be maintain at a very delicate figure. But what if the unthinkable happens? What if the earth’s temperature was to increase by a just mere half a degree, maybe a full or even two or three, the effects could be devastating to the environment, to me and to you. Unfortunately we may have the opportunity to see the effects of the earth temperature rising a few degrees in this lifetime. According to scientist, for hundreds of thousands of years, a phenomenon known as the greenhouse effect kept the earth at a comfortable temperature to allow life on earth. This process is necessary to support and maintain life on earth. But just like any good thing, too much of it could be dangerous. Greenhouse gases acts as a blanket that is wrapped around the earth. This traps energy in the atmosphere and the energy is then heated up by the sun’s rays. Because of this, another phenomenon has come to be. It is known as global warming. Global warming is constant rise in the global average temperature near the surface of the earth. Although to some, global warming is nothing more than a myth, a rumor to scare the race into rethinking their selfish acts, but global warming is no myth. I believe that global warming is far from a myth, it is real and it is dangerous. The evidence is all around us. If you look to the stars, you can see that the atmosphere is full of human-produced molecules that is casing the earth to warm. If you look at the same
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