The Effects Of Global Warming On Humans

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Jose Richardson Geography 100 Enrique Lanz Oca The Effects of Global Warming Global warming is a dangerous issue that has been caused by the actions of human beings. The environment as a result, has changed for the worse. The effects of this situation that is currently happening is global, and can affect anyone regardless of their geographical location. The effects of global warming are enormous, and if people do not begin to do something in order to stop it, global warming could lead to the end of human kind. In this paper I plan to discuss the effects of global warming, as well as how humans have caused this phenomenon and contributed to it. Global warming is a worldwide disaster. It has affected and controlled human life for a while now. Nowadays almost every aspect is affected by the phenomenon that is global warming, from the air that we breathe to our supply of food and the animals in the wild. There are many things that we don’t quite understand about global warming. People 's lack of knowledge and concern for conserving our natural resources will only make Global warming worse. The phenomenon that is global warming has disastrous consequences for everyone, regardless of geographical location and economic situation. One of the biggest and most talked about effects of global warming nowadays is the increase of temperature in our atmosphere. Studies show that there is a link between the increase in carbon dioxide levels and
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