The Effects Of Global Warming On Our Planet 's Ecosystem

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Mother Earth is burning as we speak; humanity has killed our precious Earth. Global-warming is a vicious killer that was created by the humans on this Earth, and there 's no way to cure it. We, as humans, have the power to cleanse the Earth, but instead we destroy it. Heat is absorbed by carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases. A greenhouse gas absorbs thermal radiation emitted by the Earth 's surface. As the sun 's energy reaches the Earth’s surface, some of it is released into space, some is absorbed by the atmosphere, and the rest is emitted by the earth and warms the Earth. This is what we call the greenhouse effect which is the main reason we have global warming. Despite claims by opponents that humans are not the cause of global warming, evidence linked to climate change, weather patterns, and the destruction of our limited rainforests suggests that mankind causes unendurable harm to our planet’s ecosystem.
Opponents believe that weather patterns happen naturally and humans are not the cause. They claim climate change is not directly related to the release of greenhouse gases. In Richard Lindzen’s article “The World Should Not Waste Resources on Fighting Global Warming,” he states, “For small changes in climate associated with tenths of a degree, there is no need for any external cause. The earth is never exactly in equilibrium.” By mentioning this quote Lindzen is stating that it is normal for the Earth to have heat waves every now and then, meaning that the Earth’s
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