The Effects Of Global Warming On The Environment And Rural Communities

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Because of the increasing concern about pollution, I chose this unit. Global warming is a serious problem due to human behavior, and I find it necessary to teach students about pollution and the direct impact it has on living organisms, including their own personal lives. It will be important for the United States to continue the expansion of renewable energy sources to reduce pollution and help control its ill effects. Assuming this lesson would be taught in Iowa, it would be important to note the proposed Bakken oil pipeline that would run through the state and the impact it would have on the environment and rural communities. Wind energy is also a growing topic in rural Iowa and more expansion of wind energy is happening across the state. Connecting these topics to Iowa and rural communities, will engage my students in the learning experiences that will occur during this unit lesson plan. Elementary aged students tend to be intrigued by topics relating to pollution, and for this reason I chose to create a summative assessment experience that allows students to choose their own pollution related topic to research. I truly believe allowing students to have the ability to choose their own topic to research, will inspire them to get the most out of the learning experience.
The seven assessments I chose for the unit plan include a variety of assessment methods which will be very beneficial for my students. When assessing, it is important to use different methods, so students
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