The Effects Of Global Warming On The Environment

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Global warming continues to be a huge concern affecting the environment, people and the world. If action to stop this phenomenon is not taken immediately by the global community, the consequences will certainly be catastrophic. Already, some of the consequences of global warming are being felt globally. The frequency and intensity of tropical storms has increased as a result of global warming. Global temperatures continue to rise at rapid and unprecedented rates. According to scientific research, various activities by people are the main cause of this problem. Industrial activities and what have become routine pollution patterns has led to the increase of Carbon IV Oxide (CO2) in the atmosphere (Byravan & Rajan, 2015). According to models verified by various scientific researches, the increase in the atmospheric Carbon Dioxide will result in significant increases in environmental temperatures. The global community is facing a challenge that is very tasking and requires maximum cooperation from all global players. The war to protect the environment is one that must be won otherwise the world and its habitants stand to lose (Braasch, 2013). Global warming is already happening. The effects are already been felt in various parts of the world and will continue to be felt decades to come. The effects that are evident today include rising levels of seas, extreme climatic weather patterns, and finally disappearing polar ice and glaciers.
Although, it is quite difficult to link each
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