The Effects Of Global Warming On The Earth

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Imagine this, it is one hundred and two degrees outside. The polar ice caps are gone along with all the people and animals dependent on them for their survival. Long, intense heat waves continue scorching the Earth. Global warming is a problem that some people choose to ignore. They claim it doesn’t exist. Global warming is real. It is time for people to stop ignoring it and start finding a solution. What is global warming? Global warming is the result of certain gases building up in the atmosphere that block heat from escaping. These gases are causing a temperature rise in the Earth’s atmosphere and causing climate change. The rise in the Earth’s temperature has had many effects on the Earth itself. These effects include: polar ice caps melting, the rise in sea level, plant and animal ranges shifting and trees flowering sooner.
The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is measured by parts per million. Before the Industrial Revolution, there was around 280 parts per million of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Now there are 395.93 parts per million as of October 2014 according to This shows a dramatic increase in the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide and the number is still increasing. Scientists have said that it will be irrepairable if the concentration reaches 450 parts per million. Carbon dioxide is not the only gas that contributes to global warming. Other gases include water vapor, methane, nitrous oxide and
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