The Effects Of Global Warming On The World

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The Effects of Greenhouse Gasses
Global Warming has been devastating the earth and economy for the last twenty-five years. Greenhouse gasses developed from the production of chemicals such as R-22, oil, and factories have destroyed ozone and ecosystems for the last hundred years. Carbon dioxide is produced naturally and absorbed by plants and animals, but, too much, and it is deadly. With the increase in automobiles and production, the world government has begun to address the issue of greenhouse gasses with limits and requirements for larger nations, creating higher impacts of production and driving. Global warming has become a major concern for the economy because the increased temperatures have caused degradation of permafrost, ocean levels and temperatures to rise, and plants to grow at an uncontrolled rate.
In the nineties, scientists discovered the largest abundance of greenhouse gasses in earth’s atmosphere than ever before. With the high amounts of greenhouse gasses, science has drawn a direct relation to ozone depletion (Baltzer). With large amounts of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gasses, the ozone has depleted at an alarming rate. Scientists have discovered that the ozone protects earth’s atmosphere from deadly sun rays. The ozone also prevents other things inside earth’s atmosphere from exiting out into space, such as heat, that plants and animals could use to stay alive. The ozone has started depleting over the northern hemisphere causing of earth 's
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