The Effects Of Global Warming On The World

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Disputed Global Warming Affects Global Warming is in the minds of critical thinkers and scientist as well as the Industrial World. In this paper, we will look at man-made causes of Global Warming, and natural causes in Global Warming Affects. The man- made cause would be (GHC) which abbreviates to greenhouse gases and the chemical (SO2) represents sulfur dioxide from cars and Industry. The natural cause in the climate would direct more to a cooler climate. The Global Warming remains,augmented that one is man-made causing the warming or a natural occurrence trending from the earth’s rotation or other explanations. The first topic is the effect man- made contributes to Global Warming. Man- made contributions are cleared of tropical forest resulting in the stripping used for wood in housing and the clearing of trees for farmland production. The biggest land grabs occur in South America and Africa, it affects the absorption of (CO2) in the plants, as a result tree stripping will continue to warm the earth, also the continuing Industrial output from coal plants in China and around the world will also, Global warming. For example:“Chinas coal burning fire plants contributed more toward Global Warming (So2) then any other Industrial nation.”According toHuman vs. Natural Contributions to Global Warming, “The percentage contribution to global warming over the past years is shown in two categories, human causes (left) and natural causes (right), from various peer-reviewed studies
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