The Effects Of Global Warming On The Environment

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Nowadays, we are facing a lot of environmental threats, and the main of them are air pollution, water pollution and global warming. Air pollution is caused by substances that may harm living things or damage non-living things. Some common atmospheric pollutants are carbon monoxide, methane, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and so on. Industry production, usage of non-clean energy and vehicles are three main sources of air pollution. Water pollution includes natural pollution and man-made pollution. Due to the dissolution of geological, atmospheric precipitation leaching, erosion on the ground, mix the various pollutants into the water. Man-made pollution is made by industrial wastewater, daily life sewage and pesticide and fertilizer pollution. Global warming is related to greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane. Due to the existence of greenhouse gases, the radiation, which comes from the Sun and reaches the Earth’s surface, is reflected back to Earth, making the temperature of Earth’s surface higher and higher.
The influence of all these three problems can be classified into three kinds. First is human. Since air, water and temperature are essential factors that lives require, environmental pollution threats the living situation and human health. Let’s image the possible result of this tendency. The average life span will be shorter and shorter. The possibility of getting sick will be higher and higher. This is really horrible. Second is society. World consists
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