The Effects Of Global Warming On The Environment And Society Essay

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Global warming is an important issue in the world today and concerning its future. There are many factors that affect global warming and its levels. Though some of these causes of global warming are due to natural events, many are the result of human structures and activities. Global warming is mostly due to the emission of greenhouse gases and can have very negative consequences on the environment and society (“Global Warming”). Human activities can have positive and negative consequences. Because of increased populations and decreased supplies, energy and resources are limited and people try to conserve or create systems and setups that will improve the use of resources. However, this can also be damaging to the environment and beings in it. Increased use of human activities will affect things like land, water, health, agriculture, infrastructure, and the overall ecosystem in general.
Water pollution is a serious issue in today’s world as well. Water is a limited resource and though the earth is roughly two-thirds percent water, the quality of it is decreasing due to various factors including chemicals or waste. Because the quality of water is decreasing, the efforts to conserve it increases, which again results in humans getting involved, interacting, and implementing.
Reservoirs are an example of how human activities can cause increased greenhouse gases, which effect global warming. The stress that reservoirs cause to the environment is a controversial topic.
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