The Effects Of Global Warming On The Environment

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Global Warming Global Warming is the result of too many gases, which accumulate in the atmosphere. These chemicals build up and produce what is known as greenhouse gases. This results in temperature changes and various weather patterns. The gases, which rise up into the atmosphere retain a lot of heat, which can cause higher temperatures and more moisture in the air. Many of the pollutants in the atmosphere come from everyday human activities, such as using automobiles, factory fuels, and agricultural waste.
Air pollution contributes to global warming, because these harmful gases are released into the atmosphere and are trapped like a magnet holding up a full pot of water. These accumulations of water vapor combust producing severe rain, which can cause flash flooding. Temperature and weather patterns can become so unreliable and unpredictable because of the interaction of these greenhouse gases. These weather events show that climate change is an environmental threat to the planet. Alternative techniques must be developed to stop the changes in the atmosphere temperature. A few degrees will make a great difference! Global warming continues on our planet and society as a whole must be made aware of what is happening and what can be prevented to ensure the future of the Earth. Scientists have proven that the global temperature has risen about one degree since the beginning of the century. They feel that this trend will continue by about 2-7 degrees if
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