The Effects Of Global Warming On The Greenhouse Effect

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The Greenhouse Effect
The greenhouse effect is the result of the interaction of the atmosphere of a world and the radiation emitted from the Sun and planet. This process essentially makes a world warmer that it would be. As we will learn in this chapter there are many factors that determine the strength of a world’s greenhouse effect including a world’s size, the world’s distance from the Sun and the strength of a world’s magnetic field. Before you can learn about the factors that influence the greenhouse effect first you must understand how the greenhouse effect works.
How the Greenhouse Effect Works
In basic terms the greenhouse effect is the result of the atmospheric gases interacting with the radiation that comes from the Sun and world itself. The atmospheric gases act as a blanket around the world that insulates the world’s heat, the thicker the blanket the more heat that will be insulated and hotter the world will stay. To help explain the process in further detail Earth with be used as a model. For instance, on Earth the light emitted from the Sun is absorbed by the Earth’s surface and also reflected back towards space. Before the infrared radiation reaches space it is slowed down by the molecules in the atmosphere that absorb and scatter the photons. In this process the atmosphere is heated.
Greenhouse Gases: Molecules that are effective at absorbing infrared radiation have three or more atoms because their structure allows them to vibrate and rotate better than
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