The Effects Of Global Warming On The Earth Essay

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Save the Earth The Earth is slowly dying and we can save it, however, it requires some initiative. Global warming, or climate change, is a very real problem that may soon wipe out the Earth’s resources. Some of which include necessary items such as natural foods and water. This problem doesn’t just happen in some third-world country no one has heard of. This is happening right in our own back yards. This problem has a very simple solution: conserve energy, cut down on Carbon Dioxide emissions, and focus on developing technology that utilizes clean renewable energies.
Global warming primarily happens through a process called the greenhouse effect. “Like global warming, this is a natural phenomenon. As sunlight hits the earth, some of the heat is reflected back into space, while some is absorbed by naturally occurring atmospheric gases such as carbon dioxide and methane. Like insulation, the heated gas and atmosphere keep the earth warm enough to sustain life”(NSU, 2011).
While the main purpose of this greenhouse effect is to keep the planet at a sufficient temperature to sustain life, the recent increase in carbon dioxide emissions has led to the Earth overheating. This poor management of energy has led to catastrophic events.
Due to climate change, droughts have occurred, sea levels have risen, and storms are more devastating. Climate change has caused temperatures to rise drastically and these temperatures will continue to rise by an unpredictable amount over the next
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