The Effects Of Global Warming On The Earth

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The first video I watched was “An Inconvenient “by Al Gore. In this video Gore is explaining about how the earth has became hotter than it ever has before. The ten hottest years we have ever had have been in the last fourteen years. According to the video the hottest year was in 2005. From Gore’s viewpoint we as the people are causing global warming by ourselves. Because we are the ones that are causing global warming it is having some major effects on the earth. You have Mt. Kilimanjaro, which over the years has had a lot of snow on top of the mountain, but over the years the mountain has been getting less and less snow. Global warming is not a political issue it is a moral issue that we have to make better. The reason we have stronger storms today is because of the temperature increase according to Gore. An example of a huge storm would be hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. In today’s world we worry about terrorist, but we should really be worrying about global warming. If we don’t take this seriously our Artic is going to be completely melted. Some of our states such as Florida and New York will be under water. Gore says we need to work together and stand up before it is to late and the place we call home is gone. I really liked this video because it really told me the truth. I knew about global warming, but I never really took it serious. This video really showed me what is really going on and happening to our world. Now I can see that global warming is in full effect,
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