The Effects Of Global Warming On The Glaciers Are Gone

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The glaciers are gone. Many animals are dead. Only a few humans survive. The temperature is always warm or hot. Food is extremely limited. Most plants have died. The sea level has risen. Hurricanes and storms plague what is left of the earth. This is the future that humans have in store for themselves and their posterity if they do not halt the effects of global warming and climate change now. Global warming is the result of humans’ use and release of various heat-trapping gases for energy and power in many aspects of life. These gases, also known as greenhouse gases, are rising to the atmosphere and are effectively raising the temperature of the planet because they trap in the heat. This is known as the greenhouse effect, where light is let in but heat is trapped, similar to an actual greenhouse. As these heat-trapping gases increase in the atmosphere, more heat is trapped therefore increasing the temperature and causing other detriments to our planet. The world problem of the increase in global temperature due to trapped greenhouse gases affects humans tremendously, mostly through the use and unavailability of crops and livestock, harmful effects on coastal cities, and the health risks to humans, which can be ameliorated by a change in human production and living by using renewable resources and energy to decrease CO₂ emissions.
One of the biggest problems in society due to the issue of climate change is the reduction and loss of crops and livestock, which can be…
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