The Effects Of Global Warming On The World

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In news everywhere, there is always something about polar ice caps melting or the ever-rising temperatures, but most people do not think twice about it since, they are not directly affected by it. They may not be feeling the effects of global warming at the moment, but in time it will become a more widespread issue. The effects of global warming are hard to refute, and there is endless evidence of this growing problem in our world today. The continuation of global warming is a serious threat to everyone and everything on Earth. Global warming has been a problem for over a hundred years, and it continues to grow every day. The first evidence of global warming was discovered in 1859 by John Tyndall, who found that the increased CO2 in the atmosphere absorbs the sun’s energy and causes global temperatures to rise (Is Human Activity). Charles Keeling added to this, saying that CO2 was staying in the atmosphere and not being absorbed, therefore further increasing absorption of the sun’s heat (Is Human Activity). He found that CO2 levels had increased over 12% from the 1800s to his discovery in 1958 (Kesel and Sedlack). The main cause of the increased CO2 in the atmosphere is the burning of fossil fuels, as concluded by Guy S. Callender, but deforestation and the growing hole in the ozone layer also play a role in global warming (Is Human Activity). All of these factors combine to create global warming, and they continue to threaten the general population of Earth.
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