The Effects Of Global Warming On The Environment And Ecological System

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The phenomena of global warming are the main factors that lead to the world climate change. The phenomena give a bad impact on the environmental quality that includes uncertainly of world temperature and a rising sea level (Maslin, 2004). According the Smith (2005) the other bad impact on global warming is, increased a greenhouse gaseous emissions, higher atmospheric temperatures, intense precipitation, and increased indoor discomfort. The environmental problem and pollution is becoming a global nightmare and commonly affects the urban areas. This also gives many negative environmental impacts on the society and ecological system. The increase in the greenhouse gaseous emissions have led to the urban heat island phenomenon, which is the…show more content…
As the CO2 in the atmosphere increases, the ability of the earth’s surface to reradiate heat to Deforestation is believed to be another major cause of global warming. The cutting and burning of about 34 million acres of trees each year resulted in an increase of 25% carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere Ismail et al. (2010). Environmental pollution is becoming more common in the urban areas and has produced many negative environmental impacts to society. One of the effects is an urban heat island phenomenon in which the temperature in urban areas is higher than the surrounding area. Climate change not only gives impact to the environment but also to the natural heating and cooling processes of buildings. The warmer outside temperature will affect the indoor temperature and thermal comfort of buildings. When the outdoor air temperature increases, buildings will experience indoor discomfort and this situation will lead to a higher demand for mechanical ventilation and increased energy consumption in buildings. Various studies have shown that passive and low energy cooling are the most preferred techniques used to minimise the solar load and conductive daytime heat gain through the building. Climate change does not only give an impact on the
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