The Effects Of Global Warming On The Earth

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Global climate change is having disastrous effects on the planet and it is too late to change many of these impacts. However, there are some that can be limited by changes humans make in their daily lives. There is scientific evidence that shows how global warming is impacting the Earth. One example is how the global temperature has risen a few tenths of a degree (Sandor 2004). This may not sound like much but it can have huge effects on the plant life, like trees blooming earlier which in return affects animal life and more (Sandor 2004). Global climate change is mainly caused by the greenhouse effect and human activity and the impacts will eventually lead to devastation unless the current solutions are implemented. In order to prove …show more content…

There has been a 0.74 degree Celsius rise in the mean temperature since the preindustrial times (Warren 2008). Some of the warmest years in history have been experienced within the past 20 years (Warren 2008). As a result of the warming global temperature, ocean temperatures have also risen within the past decade. Oceans have absorbed a considerable amount of the atmospheric heat which has a lasting impact. An example is the Antarctic Peninsula, which has had an increase in temperature of around 2.5 degrees Celsius throughout the nineteenth century (Hughes 2000). The last effect that shows the scientific evidence on the global climate change is shrinking ice. It has been seen that an ice pack in the Arctic has reduced by 9% in 1990 compared when it was measured in 1980 (Hughes 2000). Also, glaciers in Europe have lost around 40% of their surface area (Hughes 2000). It has been seen that glaciers are retreating almost everywhere around the world because of the increased temperatures. These are the four main impacts that show the scientific evidence to prove that global climate change is occurring in our society. There is a range of possible causes for global climate change; however, there are two main ones that are the most realistic with backup support. These include the greenhouse effect and human activity. The greenhouse effect is the warming from trapped heat which is radiating from Earth to space

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