The Effects Of Gmo Foods On Our Health

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1. Introduction: The effects of GMO foods on our health, GMO (genetically modified organism) also known as genetic engineering, biotechnology, or recombinant DNA technology (rDNA). Where the gene extraction resulting from the DNA of one species and inseminated artificially into unrelated plant or animal genes. These foreign genes come from the following sources: bacteria, viruses, insects, animals, even humans. GMOS are also known as “transgenic” organisms as it involves genes transferring. It’s also called genetic engineering (GE) or genetic modification (GM). Current genetic engineering is very crude. Inaccuracy of new gene insertion disrupts organism of DNA. With current extremely limited knowledge of DNA it is impossible to predict or…show more content…
In 1913 the Rockefellers invested billions of dollars with the hope that it would improve their image of doing charity and created a tax free foundation the Rockefeller foundation which took over American medicine stock shares. The Rockefellers were obsessed with Eugenics a type of science used to improve a human population this is done in two ways 1- positive which is where you try to improve the breed you are trying to control. 2- negative were you get rid of the worst of the breed. Rockefeller financed the eugenics movement the same race science used by Adolf Hitler’s third Reich. After the horrible press got out around the world that the Nazis were putting into action what they were just thinking of doing. After world war 2 the chairman of the American eugenics society an intimate Rockefeller friend announced the name change from eugenics to genetics. Later, the Rockefeller foundation financed the international research institute in the Philippines a project to genetically modify the staple food of many people around the world “rice” more than one million was spent on the development. With a claim that it would cure child blindness in Asia. The unappetizing looking rice named “golden rice” turned into a flop and is still attempting to gain approval since the 1980s, but not able to get since there is no scientific evidence to back any of its claims. Recombinant DNA technology a way of moving DNA from one organism to
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