The Effects Of Government On Our Life Essay

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Effects of government on our life As a citizen of the United States of America it is easy to get caught up with your day to day life and not realize everything going on around you. If you sit back and think about all the ways government affects you, you will be amazed. Let’s discuss our different levels of government, our federalist style of government, the pros and cons associated with our federalist style, the way government affects you daily, the private sector, as well as what things our government is involved in I feel is unnecessary. First, the three spheres or levels of government in the American Democracy are National Government, State Government, and Local Government. Most American citizens have more contact with their local or state government than their federal government. Local government is what most people come into contact with in their daily life. Local government is divided into two different sectors counties and cities. Our local government has responsibility for city parks, our police and fire departments, as well as our school districts and hospitals. In our local government we elect as a people the mayor and other city council members to use the funds they are provided by the state and residents to make our cities great. As for the state government, “All powers not granted to the federal government are reserved for the states and the people”. (U.S. Constitution) The state government must have a republican form of government. This was guaranteed by
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