Essay on The Effects Of Grade Retention

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Introduction Grade retention which is better known as ‘staying back’, ‘repeating’ or ‘being held back’, refers to the practice of having a student return to a particular grade level for a subsequent year after having been at that level a full school year. (Wu et al, 2010). The purpose of this paper will be to answer the research question “What are the effects of grade retention?” based on high schools in the United Sates of America. Statistically, with as many as 15% of all American students held back each year and 30-50% held back at least once before ninth grade, the rate of retention has increased by approximately 40% in the last 20years (Wu et al, 2010). This paper will give the reader an overview of the effects grade retention has on…show more content…
Problems with Socialization Another effect grade retention has on their ability to socialize has to do with their self-esteem. “Unsuccessful school outcomes, such as grade retention, lead to reduction in students’ self-esteem” (Stearns et al. 2007, p. 5). As a result, they turn towards delinquency of various types and problem behaviors and away from academic efforts in an effort to boost their self-esteem. The social bonds of retained students with peers and their ability to bond with their teachers as they go on with their educational careers get ruptured. This is due to the demarcation between their same-aged peers brought about by the retention in grades that may end friendships (Stearns et al, 2007). In short, compared to the continuously promoted students, retained students are most likely to have fewer friends (Stearns et al, 2007). In addition, as a result of the stigma that comes with retention, students’ abilities to form later bonds with teachers and other students may still be hindered (Stearns et al, 2007). As such, they have to work towards overcoming the ‘flunker’ (Stearns et al. 2007) label and establish new peer groups among their new classmates. More so, they are more likely to avoid seeking contact with those agents later in their educational careers once they begin to view the school and agents of
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