The Effects Of Green Tea On Healthy And Lose Weight

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body than just weight. This argument will prove that there are natural ways to live healthy and lose weight, which includes green tea. Studies will be used that show positive effects of green tea that include physical activity and some that do not but still have shown a difference in weight. It has been proven that green tea does affect a person’s weight. It contains caffeine which known to aid in fat burning. It also contains antioxidants that help boost metabolism. The caffeine will help to boost energy as well as metabolism. With the energy absorbed from the tea a person will want to exercise which will burn even more fat than just drinking the tea alone.The substances in green tea help to break down fat that produce energy. The…show more content…
A human’s body needs nutrients from food in order to function and fuel the body. Our body also needs exercise to keeps us fit and active. There are many benefits to exercise not just to lose weight. Natural Weight Loss 6 Although green tea does not give immediate and dramatic results as diet pills or drinks it is safe and healthy. Many companies advertise their products and give false hope to some individuals about the results they will achieve from consuming their products. In order to reach full potential and also to be safe when using this products research has to be done on the products. Green tea is a natural substance that can help with weight loss. Studies show that the ingredients in green tea such as catechins which are antioxidants that have beneficial health effects have been proven to reduce body fat. Everyone has a different body type and their bodies function different. Everyone has different health problems as well and that can have an effect on the results a person receives from different approaches they take to lose weight. Green tea has been tested on animals and people of all different ages, races and body types. In the studies I have read the individuals that participated have been successful in weight loss. A healthy life is one that many people try to achieve and they try to take short cuts instead of doing research and finding ways

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