The Effects Of Greenhouse Gases On Global Warming Essay

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Diagram A is a visual representation of the greenhouse effect and the role greenhouse gases play in this greenhouse effect. How do greenhouse gases in the atmosphere affect global warming? Many of the greenhouse gases in the troposphere are naturally produced, which is why the Earth is able to stay at a constant average global temperature. Carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas in which is affecting global warming, not because of naturally produced carbon dioxide, but mainly because of man made carbon dioxide emissions. Man made carbon dioxide is produced by decomposed fossils, which eventually turn into oil and coal from underground, and are dug up by heavy machinery. Once dug up, the coal and oil are used to power things like fireplaces in homes or machinery like cars, and the expenditure of the coal and oil (fossil fuels) burns and releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This man made carbon dioxide emissions began in the late 18th century and is known as the industrial revolution. Due to this fossil fuel burning, the atmosphere thickens because there is an increase in greenhouse gases that accumulate mainly in the troposphere and a little over half of man made carbon dioxide stays in atmosphere, which can last for a century and means there are more greenhouse gases to trap heat. This causes the cycle of input and output of heat to become unbalanced, and therefore causes a lot more heat to be trapped by greenhouse gases in the atmosphere than is being radiated
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