The Effects Of Greenhouse Gases On Our Climate Change

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An article in the Wall Street journal caught this student’s attention as the article discussed in detail the effects of global climate change and the effect of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere. I will discuss the article briefly and bring out why greenhouse gasses are affecting our climate. This student agrees with many of the points brought out in the article about the effects of fossil fuel energy and the harmful emissions produced. In addition the article briefly touches upon solid waste and its impact to the environment and to climate change. In another article that this student read and caught his attention takes us in another direction in which renewable resources and advances in technology are helping to reduce the effects of greenhouse gasses. This student was intrigued when the article started off by saying global leaders just signed an agreement to slow the buildup of greenhouse gas emissions. For top level leaders to meet and make an agreement on such a very important global environmental issue was intriguing. The article explains how greenhouse gasses are being produced by man and changing the temperature of the earth. The atmosphere is what keeps the planet warm due to the sun emitting long wave radiation down to earth and the atmosphere helps reflect and retain this energy. However the absorbed energy needs to maintain radiation energy equilibrium for the planet’s atmosphere to be balanced. With the imbalance of gasses such as carbon
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