The Effects Of Gun Control Laws On The United States

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On December 14th 2012, people all over the world came together to show their support for the families that were affected by the Newtown Sandy Hooke shooting. 20 innocent children from the ages of 5 to 7 were brutally shot repeatedly over and over again with a military style weapon. Classmates and parents will never forget this horrific tragedy which, under no circumstances, should have happened. However in the United States due to the lack of gun control laws mass shootings like this one are common. This is very unfortunate not only for Americans but for the global community. Having family in the United States and cousins in grade school, I find it frightening that their lives are at risk all because it is easy for people to purchase guns. In Canada we feel very safe and secure due to the strong gun control laws. It is immensely important that the USA takes a stand and applies stronger gun control laws to ensure the well being of not only their citizens but those visiting as well. In the last several years in the United States there have been multiple incidents of mass shootings. Incidents such as the Aurora batman movie theatre shooting and the columbine shooting have been quite devastating. Including mass shootings, a total of 10 thousand deaths occurred from guns last year in the USA compared to just 52 in Canada. Drastically reducing the numbers by just banning guns seems like a reasonable conclusion. The statement ‘Less guns equal less violence” is used in…
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