The Effects Of Gun Control On The United States

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One of the biggest debates in the world ever known for today is the restriction on gun control and weather or not government and Obama should take away gun control or leave it alone. Just since 2013, there have been over 143 school shootings in the United States. Just in 2015, there has been over 45 school shootings in the United States. In some states, new laws have been added stating that if you’re going to buy a gun, you will need a background check. They do this for the safety of other people but not only that; but for the safety of that person as well. The United States government as well as Obama is on the debate on weather to add more strict laws for gun control in America. There has been several deadliest mass shootings all around the world. One of the largest mass shootings ever to make U.S. history is the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that occurred in Newtown Connecticut. This history occurred in the mid December on the 14th of 2012. A total of twenty-eight people had lost their lives because of this mass shooting. Six of them were employees, twenty children, and the gunman’s mother. The children that were massacred were all under the age of seven during this time. Since the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut, it has sparked the debate on gun control in the United States. Sandy Hook Elementary shooting isn’t the only shooting that has sharpened the debate on gun control. Several other shootings like the Virginia Tech shooting, University of Texas
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