The Effects Of Gun Control On The Death Rate Of The United States

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The first article is by Franklin E. Zimring as he addresses the necessity for gun control in the United States. It would seem that the use of handguns increases the death rate of violence by a 3:5 ratio. Controlling this death rate is a potentially lifesaving entity, however only if the use of guns in assaults can be lessened. One social impact that could lower the death rate is the prevention of assaults due to the fear of gun-owning victims who could retaliate against the assailant. The ability a weapon has to produce life threatening injury has a significant impact on the death rate as well. A weapon with a higher caliber such as .45 is more likely to kill then a weapon with a lower caliber such as .25, thus doubling the death rate from assailants who use higher caliber guns. The high death rate can also be linked back to the ready accessibility of guns and the willingness to use maximum force in conflict. The fact that the U.S is a highly violent environment makes the influence of gun use to the death rate much greater. America has a problem with violence and a problem with guns and each one in turn makes the other more lethal. Common strategies of gun control are the attempt to restrict hazardous people from being able to attain and use guns and to outlaw the use of easily misused guns such as sawed off shot guns, automatic weapons, and grenades from the general public. Most gun control strategies do not make much impact on the use of guns. The second article is by

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