The Effects Of Gun Violence On Children

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Step 1: Problem Definition (Inputs)

Need for Change
More than 20,000 children and youth under the age of 20 years are either killed or injured by firearms every year in the United States (Garbarino, Bradshaw, & Vorrasi, 2002). Even though youth gun violence is only a part of the larger issue of youth violence, it imposes detrimental effects on our children, youth, families and overall communities. Additionally, gun violence can cost us $63 to $158 billion per year (McGarrell, Chermak, Wilson, & Corsaro, 2006)). Such a high cost not only affects our criminal justice system, but also all our citizens through decreased property values, increased taxes, and imposed limitation on where to work and reside (Garbarino et. al, 2002).
Scholars and practitioners often times refer countless other youths, who are indirectly affected by gun violence as the "survivors" of such violence. Such survivors are witnesses to indirect gun violence either at their schools, homes, communities or media (Garbarino et. al., 2002; Wilkinson, McBryde, Williams, Bloom, & Bell, 2009)). Myriad of research done by public health researchers, psychologists, criminologists, sociologists, and legal scholars demonstrates that firearm related violence could affect youth, families and communities psychologically, economically and socially (Sheley, Wright, & Wright,1998).. Firearm related violence is both a public health and criminal justice issue. For this reason, prevention strategies geared toward reducing…
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