The Effects Of Gunpowder On The Middle East And Western Europe

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Throughout the course of the thirteenth and fourteenth century, firearms such as gunpowder weapons were gradually making their way across the Middle East and Western Europe. Gunpowder was first created during the 11th (either stick with numbers or write out the number) century during the Song Dynasty. Gunpowder caused many gun founders to incorporate this (What is “this”) into their creations of firearms. The use of the cannons slowly began making its way through armies of Western Europe. There are many firearms in history that have made an impact. One of the most significant gunpowder weapons in history is the Great Turkish Bombard. This weapon played a key role in with the Ottoman Turks lives during the year of in 1453. It The Great Turkish Bombard also changed the way western European armies looked at the construction of the cannon and how it would help them complete the conquest. This gun not only changed the lives of the Ottoman Turks and the Byzantines, but it also changed the course of history and everything to occur afterward. In the beginning of the year of 1452, the leader of the Ottoman Turks, 21-year-old Sultan Mehmed II, also known as Mehmed the Conqueror devoted himself to strengthening the military of the Ottoman Turks. Western Europe 's military began to upgrade their armies with firearms. Soon after 1400, cannons began to make their debut in Western European militaries. “Cannon has been used in western Europe for over a hundred years, ever since a German…
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