The Effects Of Guns On The Side Of Guns

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Welcome to our World - where there are continuous debates on whether guns are beneficial to society or deleterious. As generations come and go, more concerns come about on how people will be able to live safe lives as guns keep increasing in their number. Guns being used by officers to protect the innocent, by criminals to commit mass shooting, or by the average individual who use it for their personal protection, guns cause violence in some sense of the word. When the topic of guns are brought up, the subject becomes very polarizing, there are those who defend gun rights to death and those that wish to abolish guns altogether. Reasons why I fall onto the side of guns causing more violence than safety are the stories of mass shootings,…show more content…
This is not the only instance either, in Paris January 7,2015, a magazine company Charlie Hebdo prints pictures of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad, this is strictly forbidden in their religion. These pictures portray Muhammad in many different vulgar scenarios causing great unrest in the muslim community. Masked gunmen appeared at the scene with AK-47s and killed 12 people, 2 police officers, the editor, and nine staff members (VINOGRAD 1.) These individuals showed expertise with their weapons and had planned attack on this building, again gun use shows numerous people dying at the hands of other individuals who had access to guns. Weather or not these guns were obtained legally or if these people should have had them does not excuse the fact that these individuals obtained these guns and committed horrendous acts with them. And no matter who had a gun to stop these people, those individuals were not in the defence of the victims at the time. An argument brought up for many gun activists is that we need guns to protect ourselves from other people with guns, the good need to stop the bad but yet we allow the bad to have weapons anyway. When it comes to the argument to uphold gun rights, advocates state that if individuals learned how to use guns they would be able to stop wrong doers. Such as the case of Charles Augusto, a New York resident who was faced with four robbers entering his place of business threatening him and his employees with a pistol.

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