The Effects Of Halothane

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Dr. Maureen Knabb stated that, “MH is a genetic condition that only becomes obvious when a patient is exposed to certain anesthetics such as halothane.” Halothane is known to cause the heart rate to increase (Knabb, 2006). The article from the website, Malignant Hyperthermia Death Holds Many Lessons, by Henry Rosenberg, MD and Al Rothstei states that “Steven developed a severe bleeding problem as well as a problem with heart function,” as the result of MH. Therefore, his heart rate increased due to the effect of the anesthetic given to him during surgery, but his heart was malfunctioning, which means that blood was not pumping properly.
The drug Dantrolene sodium acts as a muscle relaxant. Dantrolene decreases the calcium produced in the skeletal
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