The Effects Of Harsh Coaching Of Young Athletes

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Harsh coaching of young athletes can often steer kids away from sports all together, but if the coaches get it right, the kids learn important skills for their futures. At a young age, children need discipline in order to put them in the right direction for their futures. This discipline is found in numerous forms, and one of the most common forms is through sports. David Brooks said, “The best coaches still live by a code, and they make no apology for demanding that kids live up to it.” (Brooks) Though strict coaching can turn some young children and their parents away from sports, it can give kids a good role model, teach them discipline, and help them learn to get along with other people. Parents often have concerns for how coaches treat their young athletes, but most coaches are the best character role models that a child will have. As David Brooks, author of the article “Organized Sports Can Benefit Children”, says “Coaches have become the leading moral instructors in America today.” (Brooks). Groups like The Positive Coaching Alliance exist solely to keep coaches doing their job of creating mature and respectful athletes (Positive). Children need these positive role models in their lives. Even if a child has great role models as parents, it is even better to have one outside of the family. A coach can serve as someone that kids should admire, love, and respect even though they are outside of their family; this will prepare children for their future of dealing with
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