The Effects Of Hate Violence On Victims

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Qualitative research design used The topic that was developed in topic Week one for the Final Research proposal was on the subject, “The Impact of Hate Violence on victims.” The research was conducted by the National Institute against Prejudice and Violence so as to determine the nature and level of hate violence on victims in the year 2011. The qualitative research design applied in this study is the focus group interviewing. For this particular topic, survey research design was the most appropriate as it could help obtain the necessary data and information from respondents. Also, the National Institute against Prejudice and Violence used questionnaires to collect data and information in doing the research (Barnes &Ephross, 1994).
Summary of the main points
Research question This is a sample of a research question that could be used in doing research on this particular topic; “what are the impacts of hate violence among the African Americans and the Hispanic community within the United States.
Sampling strategy Through the use of an exploratory research design, the National Institute against Prejudice and Violence conducted a sample pilot study on the effects of hate violence on minority group members in the United States. A sample of victims of hate violence was obtained through contacts between members of the Institute as well as the human rights agencies, special police departments, community relations agencies and social services agencies. A total of 59…
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