The Effects Of Health On Health Care

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This topic is of interest because it is showing the relationship that health has on economics. It has discussed widely on how health issues have affected the economy. It is explaining the question of whether it 's a positive or an adverse effect. We are going to discuss generally on various aspects of health. They can be mental health economics, behavioral health economic and other factors. This factors will be used to explain on the whether saving on health care is affecting the economy and how it has influenced its performance. Therefore the discussion will be broad concerning the issues of health and economy (Slottje & Tchernis, 2010).
Literature Review
From the research, we can discuss on several findings. These findings were that the economy has been affected by health care because the government has to set aside funds to cater for people’s medical care. They are provided with facilities such as clinics. The government also provides subsidized medical costs so that they can afford. This is a positive move in the economy since the population will become productive and active. When people are healthy, they are able to contribute to the improvement of the economy. There were different methods used. When carrying out research people were interviewed and were asked questions. They gave the overview which enabled the researchers to derive the following conclusions. Health care economics is a branch of economics
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