The Effects Of Hearing Impairment On Children

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When I first walked into my friend Betsy’s parent’s retirement home center on December 8th at 10am, I saw some elderly people sitting on sofas, another using a walker to get to the kitchen, and some others sitting on their wheelchair watching the television. The living room smelled like a hospital that consists of different medications in the air, but the scent feels fresh from the open window next to them at the same time. Betsy introduced me to an old man named Alfred, who was the first person I interviewed. What I noticed immediately was that he was wearing hearing aids since Betsy had to speak loudly to him to let him know that I was planning to ask him a few questions for my assignment. This recalled my memory of Week 5 lecture 2’s topic on “Changes in Vision and Hearing,” (2014) on what Professor Wong was talking about on the signs of hearing impairment. As soon as I sat down to introduce myself to him and talk about what I was interviewing him for, I had to raise my voice louder than usual and repeat myself several times. Alfred is 91 years old, but he feels like he is still somewhere between 60-65 years of age. I was really worried that some of the questions I asked him was too strenuous for him to think about and I was paranoid that I might accidentally kill him since he paused a lot, laid on the sofa breathing hard and he also kept looking up, like he was about to have a stroke. It was frightening. The thought that had occurred to me as I was interviewing Alfred
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