The Effects Of Heat Stress On The Human Body Temperature

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Executive Summary Casualties are recorded globally each year on issues related to heat, but countries that experience tropic climate often regard such condition as potentially dangerous because of its persistent high temperature. Several occupational related activities are afflicted by difficulties linked to heat stress, most especially when carried out in a high temperature and tropic environment (Stewart, 1982). 1.0 Introduction For the human body to function more effectively, body temperature at a constant temperature level is required. Achieving this constant body temperature, the human body temperature must consistently give out a certain level of heat to the surrounding environment at the same rate as heat is produced. Numerous…show more content…
➢ Occupation that involves working outdoor, open pit mining, construction, agriculture and road rehabilitation, direct sunlight is the source of heat. ➢ In kitchen restaurants, laundries and canneries, humidity that is high adds up to the heat. The causes of heat stress depend on working environment, which can alter the ability of the body to regulate heat impact. some workers generally feel confortable when the air temperature around them is between the range of 20°C to 27°C and a range of humidity between 35% to 60%. But when the temperature range gets higher, workers starts feeling uncomfortable. This scenario has minimal effect on the body in, as much the body temperature mechanism is able to regulate itself. 2.1 Physiological Response to heat Heat stress is influenced by different factors. Some environmental factors can determine heat stress and these include air humidity, radiant heat, air temperature and air speed. It is also imperative to understand the amount of energy used during work, at a high level of energy use, the body gives out more than 15 times energy than when it is in a resting state. Physiological responses depends on certain level of changes in the body due to heat strain, this is why a lot of research have really gone in-depth to study body temperature, sweat production and heart bit rate. Although, this trend

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