The Effects Of Heroin On A Pregnant Women

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The impact of heroin on a pregnant women is two fold it was noted in this study that that use of heroin decreased from the first trimester until three months after the birth of their baby as demonstrated by this graph. Figure 1. Reductions in heroin and crack use during and after most recent pregnancy. Best, D., Segal, J., & Day, E., ( 2009), Changing patterns of heroin and crack use during pregnancy and beyond. Journal Of Substance Use, 14(2), 124-132 9p. Another study that showed a positive result that occurred when a women was the pregnant women. In this study it cited pregnancy and the birth of a their child as the motivator to seek help and receive treatment, (Best, Segal, & Day, 2009). Many of the effects that occur are the result of the mother’s use of drugs and possibly alcohol during pregnancy they can range in developmental problems from physical, cognitive, socio-emotional, and behavioral but in some cases it’s the impaired parenting seen in substance –abusing mothers. Common effects on physical health include low birth weight, physical withdrawal, obstetrical complications, irritability, growth retardation, sleeping, and eating problems, (Carlson, 2006). Treatment for women and mothers Women who are pregnant seeking treatment have great motivation but they are often met with insurmountable barriers for instance the income needed for a treatment program and their own shame may be preventing them from seeking the help they so desperately need. A study
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